Not a mutual decision
Not a mutual decision love stories

jmk Passionate flemish poet
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Always up to you

Not a mutual decision

Half the city on my mind,

a couple of LP's on rewind.

So far I've been so far from who I'd like to be.

Every day a battle to become a prodigy.

Looking up the exes and putting x's over the o's.

Can't stay loyal to bitter sweet foes.

Can't remember the day you weren't in my way.

Holding a box of cereal in your PJ's, begging me to stay.

Pushing the buttons and flipping the switches.

After every tumble in need of stitches.

Cold and alone down on your knees blowing kisses while you freeze.

Handling feelings like your heart is a lease.

Quality hugs and lemon cakes found a way through.

Shrugging and marching as I look back to you.

Bang your head against the wall, you've been through it all.

Head or tails, we start over either way, always your call.

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