Earth and Sky
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jmichie From darkness, light.
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Earth and Sky

When the maelstrom stopped, and Earth and Sky grew cool, The Sky found itself adrift, a wandering fool. Does the Earth think the Sky vacuous in flight? Or does she know the wind only flees the cold night?

Does the Earth still remember, the Sky so far? Does she still have a place for him in her heart? When she sleeps, does she dream of clouds in blue sky? When she wakes, is she warmed by the suns caring eye?

Would Earth say to Sky, you don't remember, When Earth and Sky were young and lived as one ember. Were you dancing in the trees, dazzled by stars? Were you lost on the ocean, did you travel so far?

Silent Sky stirs, gathering mist and cloud, And a light rain falls as the Sky thunders aloud: Dear Earth, You are the reason I am spurred by the sun, Your distance the very darkness from which I run.

Dear Earth, please know, it is not you that I flee, I'm all around you, for you are the heart of me.

Earth and Sky © Jason R. Michie 07/20

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