how diamonds are made
how diamonds are made  poem stories

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heat, pressure, and time made me what i am

how diamonds are made

heat, pressure, and time

made me what i am

the burning pain of rejection

the slow simmer of shame

left ashes on my brow, mourning who i had once been

the trauma and strife taught me perseverance

to take in the pain and breathe it out

to walk around the mountains that i couldn't climb

to keep living when i wanted to die

eventually, i learned to be myself

to accept every facet of my nature

the cold distance i gave to others that gave me peace

the sharp edges that made me a danger to any who thought to use me

and the clarity of self-awareness

to know my heart and mind and inherent worth

to know that inner strength doesn't come from an easy life

because the diamond must be cut before it can shine

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