This Forbidden Love
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Thomas is about to leave with his Lover. Forever. But his Lover isn't a women, But is a man. This relationship is Punishable by death. Will Thomas really do it?

This Forbidden Love

by Harper Callix

Thomas Took a deep breath. This was it. After, There was no going back. Is He really going to do this?

Thomas Frowned. Of Course He was going to do this. If it meant He and Jack can be together till death.

Thomas grabbed his bag of things and slowly made his way towards the door.

He heard Voices

"What about Thomas, My Lady"

Thomas froze. What about him? He shook his head. Nothing now.

He was leaving.

For good

He Opened the door as silently as he could, Making sure to close it just as Silently.

Thomas ran through town quickly. It was almost midnight. Surely Jack would be waiting by now.


When Thomas arrived at the meeting spot

Jack Wasn't There

Where was He?

The Thoughts that filled Thomas' Head was Frightening

What if He doesn't Love me anymore?

What if He got Found out?


Thomas spun around to find Jack. His lover, Smiling sadly at him.


"Thomas. I'm so sorry"

What was Jack Talking about?

"W-What do you mean?"

Jack's eyes filled with tears. "Paul followed us into the woods..."

"He followed me Here"

A man, Paul, Stepped out from the shadows along with the Priest. Jack sobbed.

"I...Jack. It's Okay"

Thomas Assured. He pulled the man into a hug.

"As long as I'm with you..."

"Everything will be okay..."

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