They begged me to...
They begged me to... car stories

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TW: disturbing images! A JUSTIFIED killer is the worse of its kind!

They begged me to...

"A little twist & a little turn, Don't let the gore ruin the fun!"

Dead sparrow, eagle's catch!

Dead sparrow, eagle's catch! Mouse thanks creator for one more day to live...

'Why did you kill the poor bird?' the woman I call mother shrieks!

Oh but she doesn't understand the mouse begged me to!

Dead puppies, wolf's catch!

Dead puppies, wolf's catch! Hare thanks creator for another few breaths...

'You killed the puppies!' the man I call father yells!

Oh but he doesn't understand the hare begged me to!

Missing brother, bear's catch!

Missing brother, bear's catch! Neighbor's girl thanks creator for relieved afternoons...

'Where's your brother? What you did?' man & woman I call parents scream!

Oh but they don't understand the girl begged me to!

Missing couple, leopard's catch!

Missing couple, leopard's catch! The squeaking wooden boards thank me for the long awaited silence...

'Where's your parents? What happened to them?' uniformed men with blaring cars I call police roar!

Oh but they don't understand the boards begged me to!

But you'll understand, won't you dear?

But you'll understand, won't you dear? That they all begged me for the solace...

Tell me you do...

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