Ocean of fire...

Ocean of fire... suffering stories

jinxedquill Passing thru life, destination unknown!
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Title says it all!

Ocean of fire...

By Ryder J

An ocean of fire I was asked to sail through, Burned & weak I got yet the distance grew. Every second felt like a whole lifetime, Tormented I asked 'What was my crime?'

Hellfire everywhere burning hot & bright, The horizon yet remained shrouded in dark night. Left & right and up & down, cries of pain kept echoing, My own soul shrieked with pain and imperious suffering.

Waves after waves crashed into me crushing my strength, Defeated I would be no matter I cross whatever length. Dark horizon showed no shoreline of respite, Only hellfire lapping up my spirit danced in delight.

An endless ocean of torment thus lied ahead of me, For once set, the journey must end to become free.

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