A new beginning

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jinxedquill Passing thru life, destination unknown!
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A new beginning awaits the poet!

By: Ryder J

A new beginning

By Ryder J

Mountains & lakes, a beautiful land, The setting sun dazzling on its golden sand. Sleepy eyes, looking out through the slit, Fading lights greeting me as the clouds split.

Refreshing breezes slipping inside touching my face, Welcoming my broken soul and making my pains less. 'We mend, we heal, we make you whole again', The lash green trees sing melodies like siren.

One by one the sparkling stars appear in the dark sky, Beckoning me to them like a colony of firefly. Hesitant and fearful I dare to take in a deep breath, The smell of a mother longing her own filling me with strength.

The cacophony of night bird chases away the nightmares, Promising me a blissful sleep as a new beginning nears.

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