#28 Bucket list (Terza Rima)
#28 Bucket list (Terza Rima)  feeling stories

jinxedquill Passing thru life, destination unknown!
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My 1st attempt of Terza Rima form, some wistful thoughts!

#28 Bucket list (Terza Rima)

Hush and listen to the songs of dragonflies

dragonflies And the lullabies of leaves falling asleep

dragonflies leaves Find the rhythm in twinkling of fireflies

dragonflies leaves fireflies

In a moss covered land stand knee deep

stand knee deep From a barren cliff take the leap of faith

stand knee deep leap of faith And let the foaming waves ruefully weep

stand knee deep leap of faith ruefully weep

Leave behind unabashed anarchy and scaith

Leave Catch a rainbow & hide it in back pocket

Leave rainbow And let gurgling streams wash away wraith

Leave rainbow streams

With a broken twig write a romantic sonnet

twig Dance unhindered come it sunshine or rain

twig rain Run after a butterfly to wear it as a locket

twig rain butterfly

Let pristine clothings catch soil & dirt stain

soil & dirt And grab with both hands that invisible rein

soil & dirt invisible rein

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