To You Unborn Child...
To You Unborn Child... tears and sadness stories
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jinliesolidum Poem Writer & Arts Lover
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To You Unborn Child Is A Poem About A Mothers True Feelings and Thoughts After Losing Her Unborn Child.
I Wrote this Poem Last Year 2016 that I Publish Too To my Old Commaful Acount That I Didn't Use Anymore So I Decided To Publish This Again Here at My New Commaful Acount.
Thank you Readers & Writers! Thank you Commaful!

To You Unborn Child...

by Ellie Solidum Thank you Readers & Writers! Thank you Commaful!

I'm Sorry that I Can't Keep You... I'm Sorry that I Can't Protect You...

That I Can't Even Hold You That I Can't Ever Hug You!

I'm Sorry that Because of Me... You Will Never See this Bright World You Will Never Hear this So Loud World

You Will Never Feel this Lukewarm World Sometimes Warm, Sometimes Cold

So Sad that I Can't Even See Your Clear Eyes Can't Even See Your Cute Bright Smile

Can't Even Hear Your Sweet Cries Can't Even Hold Your So Little Hands

Where You Were Now Is a Place...

Full of Flowers Full of Laughter's Full of Warm Hugs

Don't Be Sad, Don't Cry Be Happy, Smile Lovely

My Mind Will Forever Remember You My Heart Will Forever Miss You

My Heart Will Forever Be Sorry To You I'm Sorry My Unborn Child...

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