Letting Go...

Letting Go...

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jinliesolidumPoem Writer & Arts Lover
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"Letting Go Is always Hard". But Facing the Reality Is always Important. Letting Go Is Inevitable... We Need to Let Go for us to Continue with our lives.
Thank you Readers & Writers!
Thank you Commaful!

Letting Go...

By Ellie Solidum Thank you Readers & Writers! Thank you Commaful!

Life Is like a Joke Your Holding her Dearly You Love her Dearly But she Left you

She Let Go of your Hands First She Hold Another Mans Hands

Your Mind Told you to Let Her Go But your Heart can't Let Go of Her Because you Gave her All of You All of your Heart

Isn't It Hard to Hold onto a slippery rope Alone? Isn't It Hard and Tiring to Felt Hurt? Are you not Tired of Crying?

The Mind Telling you to Let Go of Her Let Her Smile Again

Even It Means Letting Go, Let Go! Let Yourself Smile Again!

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