I Dreamed About HER Again!
I Dreamed About HER Again! i dream about her again stories

jinliesolidum Poem Writer & Arts Lover
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I Dreamed About HER Again Is a Poem About a Constant Dream of Mine. A Dream I Always Had whenever Its Ber Months!
Thank you Readers & Writers!
Thank you Commaful!

I Dreamed About HER Again!

by Lie Solidum Thank you Readers & Writers! Thank you Commaful!

I Woke up with a Tears on my Eyes Again I Woke up with my Face Hurtfully Crying Again Oh That Sad Dream Again Oh Its Ber Months Again

I Dreamed of HER Again! Again She still Wearing that Dark blue coat With Her Straight and Below Shoulders Hair Still Wearing that Elegant looking Stilettos!

She Is Surely Married She's Wearing Two Beautiful Stoned Silver Rings! She Looks Firm, Serious and Well Mannered Woman She Looks Strong Without any Emotions like a Robot!

She Slowly Walking In the path walk Alone While All the People Walking at the Big Road She's Walking at the Opposite Direction Alone While All the People Walk to Another Direction

The Colorful Lights In the City Lighten Her Face She Looks Alone and Empty While People, Even the Places Looks So Happy and Joyful Oh I Think Its Christmas Eve!

I Know that I Know the Face of this Woman But How come I can't Recognized Her Emotions She Looks Sad but Emotionless Like a Sad Doll She looks Hurtfully, Sorrowfully Crying without any Tears Falling

Its So Sad Watching Her... Before waking up I Cried and Realize something I Think that Woman Is Me! She looks abit Different from Me but I know Its Me! But I Don't Recognize Her Emotions!

But How come That Woman Don't Show any Emotions? She Looks like she Don't know How to Smile Anymore That she Doesn't Have any Tears Left to Cry That she Doesn't Have any Emotions and Feelings Left to Shown...

Isn't She Married But How come She's Alone? I'm So Afraid to Be Alone! She's Alive But with Dead Soul! I'm Afraid!

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