First Time...
First Time...
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jinliesolidum Poem Writer & Arts Lover
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First Time are a Very Common Words Right?
Because Everyone of us has our First Time...

Thank you & I Love you Commaful Members, Readers & Writers!
Thank you and I Love you Commaful!

First Time...

by Ellie Solidum Thank you Readers & Writers! Thank you Commaful!

I Still Remember the Day The First Time I Saw you... Your Wearing a Bright Smile Your Cute and Handsome

It Looks Like there's a Light All Over You I don't Know why I Like to Look at You Maybe because Your Shinning So Bright That I Can't Let My Eyes Look Away from You

The First Time I Met You The First Time I Talk to You I'm So Happy and Bless You Look at Me and Smile

You Greeted Me and Ask My Name Feels Like I Won a Lotto, What to Do I'm So Shy that all I can say Is HI!

But My Eyes and Lips are Smiling So Happy, So Proud!

The First Time We became Close The First Time We became Friends The First Time We Go out!

The First Time We Fight Over a Girl In the Next Classroom...

I Don't Know Why I was Hurt So much Its the First Time I'm Feeling This The First Time I Can't Sleep because of a Guy!

At Past I Don't Know what to call this Feeling But Now I Know what Is this Feeling Its My First Time, First Time Feeling Love! Your My First Love!

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