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"Around her, I feel complete,
Something about her,
It draws me in,
I think I'm falling in love,
I'll love her forever,
My darling Blythe."

In which, Jasper Hale and Blythe Peretz falls in love.

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Portion Of My Fanfic [Wattpad]

Pineapple is just... eww. I've never liked the taste of them, and it's so slippery.

Half the time it slips out of my hands before it reaches my mouth, not gonna lie, I do in fact do that my self. The next item on my plate was mashed potato, but it's already gone.

Absolutely love mashed potato, and mainly just eating it with my hands. There was still small potato particles between my fingernails that I'll pick out later.

But potato, in general, is so good. Have I said too much about potato.

"Blythe, did you hear what I said?" My gaze shifted to Lizzie, who was staring at me impatiently to answer her question.

I must have. "No, Lizzie, what did you say?" I asked curiously, sorry that I didn't hear what she has said.

"If you had noticed the new kids? Well not really kids, but still?" She rambled on about how perfect they were. "There is five of them, they all look so perfect but they won't talk to anyone.

I don't understand, though, who'd deny the chance of popularity?" Me, and gladly.

"These new kids," I replied a small smile curving up on my face. She merely glanced at me before she mentioned something else.

"In my English class before I had one of them, she had pixie-hair cut, and she looked so much like a pixie," she squeals excitedly as if that was the best news. "Also, she's around your height.

4'11'." There it goes, teasing about my height. "I'm not lying," she insisted noticing my eye roll.

"They are sitting over there," she pointed over to where there were five teenagers with perfect porcelain pale skin sat, not touching their food.

I frowned in confusion, not even the mashed potatoes!

I scanned all of them, none but two looked at any given sense similar. But then there were two blondes, which was the only other thing that shared the comparison between them.

The blonde female looked as if she was a supermodel, or granted with enhanced beauty.

I frowned slightly, jealous of her perfection as my gaze shifted to the male who was sitting next to the pixie-like girl Lizzie described earlier.

He had golden blonde hair that reached down to his neck, and he was blatantly just gorgeous.

I nibbled on my lip as I glanced at the pixie-like girl sitting next to him, and she was staring at me with odd curiosity.

She flashed me a small smile when she noticed I was looking before turning away, staring straight ahead of her.

I turned my attention back to Lizzie, who was frowning at me, seeming jealous as I voiced my opinion on them.

"They look inhumanly beautiful - especially with their porcelain pale skin," I mentioned to her returning to my food, picking up a strawberry.

She shook her head, with a distasteful expression upon her face.

"Alice Cullen wouldn't even spare a glance,' she stated sniffly. I stared at her quizzically, since when has she ever been the jealous-type.

"They are people just like us," I reminded her while I had this feeling that was not true.

"They don't have to like, talk and look at everyone they meet," I suppressed a smile by the look on her face.

"Now Edward is staring at you," Lizzie whispered to me.

I tilted my head in their direction, noticing the male with bronze colour hair was staring at with curiosity, and slight humor readable on his face.

I gave him a quizzical look, wondering what he could possibly find funny about me from that far away.

I don't think I look too bad, but one thing I noticed is that he had dark iris' just like Alice, who I guess is the pixie-like girl.

He gave me a small smirk, but then frowned at something the pixie-like girl told the rest of the group, causing a certain blonde to go slightly whiter at her words.

I turned my attention back to Lizzie, who was now engaged in a conversation with Christopher. I glanced at the rest of my group of friends who seem busy, so I took that as an excuse to escape.

As soon as I stood up, pulled my bag over my shoulder did Lizzie question where I was going.

I gave her a small smile answering her question, quickly travelling to the bin with my tray, only pineapple left, before I headed out.

I whirled in the direction to head towards the library, when a cold hand brushed against mine, causing me to slightly shiver.

I glance over to see the golden blonde haired male walk down the hall in the direction of the library.

I stood there for a minute standing dumbfounded at him, and I may have been slightly entranced by his beauty. I gathered myself together before following the direction he went to the library.

I bit my lip as I passed him walking over to the shelve and scanned the shelves, looking for a random book to read.

I knew it was the golden blonde gaze trained on my back, and had it confirmed when I found The Secret Garden and turned around to walk over to a free table.

I considered my options, I could sit alone since it was only the boy next to the pixie-like girl.

I smirked to myself as I walked over and sat across the table from Jasper, which wasn't much space between us.

I stared at him questionably as he went rigid, before finding in himself to stand up and walk away. I frowned, was there something about me that they didn't like?

Deciding to put the matters aside, I opened the book I'd grown to love as a child. I quietly spoke the words while reading, with a pleasing smile on my face.

With about three minutes to the bell, I decided to head to class early.

To my surprise, when I reached precalculas, there sat the pixie-like girl in the last row. She flashed a smile in my direction indicating for me to sit with her.

I slowly walked over reaching her, and planting in the seat next to her.

"Hello," she spoke quietly, not looking at me directly. "You are Blythe Peretz if I'm correct?"

"Yes," I confirmed, giving her a curious look. "How do you know who I am?"

She gave me a polite smile as the bell rang, followed by students beginning to fill into the classroom.

Heather, an acquaintance I'd made through Lizzie, narrowed her eyes at me considering I usually sit with her during precalculas.

I felt a cold hand on my shoulder, and I glanced over to see Alice give me a reassuring nod before turning her gaze back out the window.

I shuffled closerto the edge and leaned across the aisle to a blonde dude who was the only one without anyone sitting next to him.

"No offense to the girl sitting next to me," she had a feeling she could hear. "But can I sit next to you, I'm feeling a little intimadated by her."

"Sorry," he apologized. "I promised Kathryn she could sit next to me." I tilted my head to see the redhead, who is Kathryn, give a small smile, and then I recognized the blonde as Jace.

Her best friend. "Besides, it's Alice Cullen. She's inhumanly beautiful, and pixie-like. Who wouldn't want to sit next to her."

"Yes," Alice interfered. "I checked your timetable, we have the same class next. So, I'll need your help finding the room, if you don't mind."

Oh great. "Uh, sure," I smiled nervously at the beautiful girl. "I'll help you."

"Great," her smile was very cheery, and just made me smile, a proper one, in return.

I wasn't very concentrated during class, as Alice, the pixie-like girl, was the centre of my attention.

Her very cold skin, and perfect pale porcelain skin gave me something to think about, herself, and her siblings (adopted I guess) are inhumanly beautiful.

By the time the bell rang, I had considered a few possibilities of why.

I looked down into my book, noticing I had drawn an image of Alice, obviously through the pixie features, sitting happily with another girl about her age, holding hands.

The girl had red hair, I felt her cold skin, so I knew she peered to look at my drawing.

"That's really good," curious by the waver of sadness I peered over to her. "Do you know who she is?" I question.

"I did this through my subconscious, and it sounded like the girl has an effect on you."

She didn't respond as she waited for me to guide her to next class, in the hall she seemed to make sure she was a foot behind me. "Do you normally act this weird?" I question her.

"Or do you not like me?"

"No," she was hesitant. "You are interesting, I want to get to know you," she attempted to reassure me. "I just can't stand too close."

"Right," it sounded like nonsense. "Why are you conversing with me? I have a friend who's jealous because you even just smiled at me!"

"I have trouble associating with people," I furrowed my eyebrows glancing back, it wasn't very believable. "But you look like someone I've seen before, and you- just in general- intrigue me."

"Oh," I muttered, staring curiously at her, still quiet confused. "Oh? Okay."





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