Love You to the Moon and Back - Chapter 1
Love You to the Moon and Back - Chapter 1
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Chapter 1
Falling in love with a Human.

Love You to the Moon and Back - Chapter 1

Ella's POV: I lean my head against John's shoulder. I feel his breath on my neck. "Do you love me?" He whispers into my ear. My heart beats fast. Of course I love him, but a moon child could never fall in love with a human.

You see, at 3AM my skin goes white, same with my eyebrows, and by eyes are completely black. "demon eyes" my mom calls them.

Oh and not to mention my nails, they turn black, and grow and curl up at the end. A ring forms around my finger allowing me to have powers.

My hair, this is what it looks like. I have the power to heat the tips of them at night.

I'm like that from 3AM to 5AM, but on the moon, time is different. At 3AM to 5AM here, it is 10:00 PM to 10:00 AM on the moon. "Ella?" John asks. I look up at him knowing that he wants an answer. I have an answer, but I'm just not ready to give it to him.

I look at the ocean and then up at the moon. I feel my father's eyes glaring at me waiting for an answer. I look back at John and sigh. " I don't know." I cry, and lean my head on John's shoulder. He hugs me tight and I fall asleep in his arms.

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