The World Keeps Running
The World Keeps Running poem stories
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Part 1

The World Keeps Running

You see a path ahead Open, wide, sparse, long. An instinct stirs on which you depend. You know you must move on.

Your movements begin a bit a mess. You see Two awing. They smile at your progress. They encourage you to quit stalling.

You begin to stand. Shaky. Unstable. Two takes your hand Reassuring that you’re capable.

To have legs like theirs Big and strong A promise, a swear You must move along.

Beginning to see others like you Seeing they, as well, are learning And just as unsure with the new view. But all are with desire and yearning.

Some catch on a bit quicker. You watch what they do. And then with an accomplishing flicker You also begin to run on through.

The horizon seems to broaden. Surely, there’s not a wall or barrier or gate! Wonderous thoughts excite in sudden. Your heart rejoices, beating in rapid rate.

Soon you learn the fences do exist Further along the road. They seem to tauntingly insist You aren’t ready for its challenges untold.

Some flow with color. Others are shrouded in darkness. You get a nervous shudder And choose to stick with your Two regardless.

Traveling down the way A few more begin the run. Now the crucial choice in front of us lay: What do our hearts feel is fun?

A path to be chosen. Where will we go? With mind’s tracks frozen Two helps to show.

Some run along the path Where bird’s songs can be heard clear. Some run along the path Where treacherous obstacles test deep fear.

Some run along the path Where trees are counted as they pass. Some run along the path Where muddy imprint tracks are made to last.

With all these choices before your eye The pressure steadily climbs. This choice you make dictates your life. It will be the living compass that guides.

What if you miss the wonders of a new trail With its beautiful landscapes and people to meet? What if you fall and fail? Well, then you’ll just have to tackle every feat!

No time to waste, There’s so much to explore. Go now. Make haste Because extra time is not granted anymore.

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