The World Keeps Running (Part 3)
The World Keeps Running (Part 3) poetry stories

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(Part 3 - Final) Please read the first two parts before continuing to this one. Once again, warning: this poem contains negative themes.

The World Keeps Running (Part 3)

But your legs beg to give in: “Isn’t easier to just let go?” So you listen. Your run became not so.

The slow pace makes you fall behind. Others sprint into the distance. They don’t seem to mind Aside from your lack of persistence.

But your One notices the shift. They give a look intended to encourage With their hand offering a lift. It’s a gesture that should have nourished.

Your One attempts to ease the tension By hiding the worry on their face. You take the offer with no intention To put in effort in keeping the pace.

You’re already convinced You have already failed. You resist And they feel the ultimate betrayal.

They had seen your beauty from the hilltop As well as the darkness in the valley. There were so many opportunities to stop Yet, until now there was no foreseen finale.

Your One departs To escape the pain Breaking your heart. Sorrow trips you again.

You lay in your pothole Arguing with an absent person. This is your toll To prevent all to worsen.

This is the best for the others Who you would slow down. As they continue to be runners It’s best for you to slow down.

Each continues along With only a quick glance sicken. Trampled upon You believe your sins go unforgiven.

Just another who stopped the run. Just another taken by the Hault. Believing to be remembered by none. Believing it is your fault.

Forgotten. A divot of nothing Becomes paving to pace upon. You learn the world keeps running Even if you don’t run along.

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