The World Keeps Running (Part 2)
The World Keeps Running (Part 2) poem stories

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(Part 2)
Warning: this piece takes a negative shift in tone from here on out.
I had written this after overcoming a dark time in my life to describe my experiences and my thoughts in response. Since then, I have never and will never intend to return to those feelings.
However, I believe that expressing complicated feelings and emotions is an effective way to understanding and overcoming them. Writing this helped me to do just that.
This is the main reason for separating the piece out into parts. While I wrote these components as one whole narrative, the first time it was publicly read Part 1 seemed appropriate for the audience it was presented to. This does not mean I am ashamed of the poem. I appreciate both the whole work and its ability for the first part of standing alone.
Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout my ups and downs. You gave me the courage to post the rest of this poem. The final part is coming soon.

The World Keeps Running (Part 2)

Begin with the birds’ singing voices. They don’t make much sense. Next, the more adventurous choices. The deep forests are too dense.

Maybe the trees’ codes? Cannot decipher the pattern. What about the muddy road? Do any of the shapes actually matter?

Why are you no good at this? Is the key missing or unspoken? You only have to find just one that fits. Move along, not showing you’re heartbroken.

You discover the gates can be opened. A will and some faith is the trick. But again, what road do you put hope it? At the moment, none seem to click.

You watch as others follow a passion Departing from the bland road. But yours seems to be absent With a story left untold.

Fear lays a foundation of unspeakable worries What if you got lost? Others would be focused on their own hurries And not bother to understand the cost.

Without looking at your legs’ muscle Or recognizing how much more you’ve endured In the chaos and the hustle They’d believe your mistakes are absurd.

You hear talk coated in shame Of one who stopped running. “What nonsense!” the Others exclaim “Can’t they see what is coming?”

Continuing, “Doesn’t he understand the price?” As they talk your sore legs seem to say, “Wouldn’t that be nice?” You silently continue on your way.

Another matches your pace Playfully syncing the steps. With kindness on their face Your heart flutters at its effects.

Both unsure of the next move But excited for the adventure Pushing each other to improve And creating much more of their treasure.

The sights you’d see The places you’d find Together you’d flee Paths now intertwined

But your legs are sore. They ache. You ignore. But they quake

Hope it is a bad dream. On the thought, you try to hit skip. But they scream And you slip.

A hard thud. Did anyone see? Out of the mud You pick yourself back up quickly.

Embarrassed and ashamed You keep it private. Muscles inflamed But you feel you must hide it.

A slight limp let it show. Others ask if it must be mended. You deny, proving you’re not cargo And are surely not to be expended.

If you fall and there’s no one around to hear Then what? Don’t you just disappear? Guess there’s no room for another slip-up.


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