What is Happiness?
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jessyjerry03 Just a 16 year old girl with love issues
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Something inspirational for you all. <3

What is Happiness?

By Jessyjerry03

What is happiness, you ask?

Happiness is when your friends and family sing happy birthday to you,

Or when you look at a sunset and feel a sense of warmth.

Happiness is when you get into your first relationship,

Or when you get your first kiss and feel those sparks that everyone talks about.

Happiness is when you eat your favorite icecream on a hot summer's day,

Or when your favorite song comes on the radio.

Happiness is being able to spend time with people who matter to you,

or being grateful for the things you have.

Happiness is something that everyone deserves.

And if you don't have it right now,

Chase it.

or else you might regret it.

Happiness might not be present in your life at the moment

But soon it will.

One of my sayings are

"Every bad day equals to ten good days"

Having a bad week?

You'll have 70 good days.

Keep that saying in mind.

To everyone who has been having bad days.

We've all been there.

Stay strong!

I'm here for you!

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