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jessyjerry03 Just a 16 year old girl with love issues
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My love for him was like a forest fire


By Jessyjerry03

(This poem is based off of a fan fiction I read. So that being said, all credits to the owner @siriusyblack)

My love for him was like a forest fire.

Beautiful, destructive, and burning for the rest of time.

His smile was the one that would make you sign your soul to the devil.

The one you would slay dragons and fight wars for.

So when he had grabbed my hand while we were running through the rain,

The heat of the flames rose up to my cheeks.

“Your the best damn rule I’ve ever broken” he would say with a smile as we hid under a tree for shelter.

“There’s a rule, never fall in love a girl who’s smile can start a fire in your soul because you'll get hurt in the end,

And, dear, i am so in love with you”

Then he kissed me for the first time that lovely summer night,

And it was passionate, raw and hungry.

Like fire.

When he kissed me,

The whole world burned.

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