Where does the Moon get its Light?

Where does the Moon get its Light? dark stories

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A short banter between 2 prisoners waiting for their last meal.

Where does the Moon get its Light?

There were two prisoners in their cell waiting for their last meals to come. Their death date had been set for exactly 12 A.M tomorrow.

Prisoner 1: "I wonder what it will feel like to go to heaven." He said dreamily.

Prisoner 2: "How come you're so calm when your death date is near?" he was a nervous guy.

Prisoner 1: "My friend, when you have survived in hell, death is only an emotionless existence for your soul."

Prisoner 2: "Hell? You mean this goddamn place?"

Prisoner 1: "'It is the best of time; it is the worst of time.' this place is as dark as the night, but it is still lighter than the devil.

To be staying here is still better than staying outside, where Satan can turn you into a murderous tool."

Prisoner 2: "You are crazy; you think here is better than the outside."

Prisoner 1: "I was never free my entire life, my old man. As long as I can remember, my path has been set, where I have no control of my life.

I was too weak to fight back when they trained me to be a cold- blooded murderer."

Prisoner 2:"Who are they?"

Prisoner 1 answered him with a sad smile, then turns to look out of the small window. The moon was really bright, yet the air was filled with depression.

He finally spoke: "Sometimes in life, you don't want to know the answer; not knowing is the best way to survive this world.

When a smart man sees the moon, he sees its light, so bright and he loves it, enjoy looking at it.

Yet, a fool who is so in love with it that he needs to find out the reason why it is so bright. Only to get an answer that the moon get its light from the sun."

Prisoner 2: "you are just insane, are you not?"

Prisoner 1: "Perhaps so."

Then he laughed, so loud, so cold. He looked at the window again. Prisoner 2 followed. Together, they waited for their last meals.

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