She had been a druid once...
She had been a druid once... fantasy stories

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A short (ish) poetic telling of a character. Part One.

Art by me :)

She had been a druid once...

Il'anna Ustera.

A lover.

A sister.

A druid.

She had cared for the plants and the animals (as all who called themselves druids did), but she was more than a conduit of magic - more than a humble savior or a lithe figure clothed in green...

She was fire.

She was ice.

She was light and she was kind.

Il'anna had been an eladrin: a whirling mix of seasons that shifted and turned with her emotions.

Rage meant summer: hot and fierce; the season that threatened and the season that made her the most afraid.

Guilt and regret meant winter: bleak and dark; a time when being an animal was more comforting than existing within the confines of an elf.

Compassion and shared empathy brought autumn. This was the balance - the center that she always strived for and what held the sacred peace that always seemed to be just out of reach.

Victory and beauty called forth spring: a time where instinctual wants became needs and where the joys of the flesh were like jewels of honey - sweet and tantalizing and unspeakably divine.

Tales were told of her protecting spirit and of her unbridled passion for all the existed in her domain.

Bears leaned into her touch and dragons flicked a tail as she passed - her power flowing from her like water, yet smelling like rose.

Her face had been smooth. Like all creatures blessed by the gods, she had displayed a proud chin and a piercing gaze.

Her eyes had been curved and were subject to shift in tandem with her seasons: green for summer, silver for winter, opal for spring, and gold for autumn.

The strands atop her head had stretched down to the earth she so loved, and had seemed to possess a will of their own.

Truly, she had been like a queen.

Though she had been ruler of nothing, a crown of bone had sat upon her head. It had been a sign of her oath to her god and a warning to those who questioned her nature.

Her gaze had been equal parts hard and soft - her brows primed to lower with worry while her lips curled up with ease.

Long had her glances inspired songs and long had her snarls inspired fear; she was complex.

As chaotic as she was beautiful.

As wild as she was tame.

But who else could guard the forests?

Who else could defend the creatures like she could?

She had lived with the lowest and had risen to the highest - her ascent borne of tragedy and of love.

How poetic it had been for her to be asked to protect the wilds that she had been left in as a child.

How fitting it had been for her to one day return to save the tree that had once held her; trembling and shaking against the cold that had birthed creatures of color - creatures that had screamed for her blood.

Her life had been a series of intricate ironies that had twisted into one, final fate: she would find love, find her brother, find her purpose...

But to one day look around and be without them all.

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