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A short story of a series of moments in a young child's experience of death


It is here that I lay awake in my dreams, my face swollen by the thoughts in my head pooling down my cheeks and yet my mind stays foggy.

I remember the sounds of the laughter erupting from my stomach and the image of a smiling face, completely surrounded by the sunlight and bright skies.

I feel myself being pulled by the current yet it is so calming that it rocks me into a deep sleep that I'm not sure I'll awake from,

in the distance a muffled sound attempts to distract me from my minds confusion but the current is so strong and so captivating that it is almost impossible to let it go,

I'm not quite sure why but a pain in my chest jolted me from my dream of illusions, faces above me of two men and one boy that looked slightly panicked but relieved in the one expression.

I close my eyes again and attempt to take a deep breathe in but the burning sensation in my chest forced me to roll over and heave but as I did I realised I was lying on the beach,

and I was very uncomfortable with the fact that there was sand between my toes. A hand rested on my shoulder in attempt to comfort me as I begin to realise my dream was in fact death.

The smooth current I thought of as gentle was a pawn in life's attempt to sacrifice my body to the oceans greedy mouth.

In that single moment of panic after I realised I had died I felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction to know the fact that I had escaped the hands of the devil.

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