Sometimes You Have To Fake It
Sometimes You Have To Fake It science fiction stories

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There are some dangers in being able to fake things well. Congresspeople know how to fake things well and win re-election constantly. But if they are confronted by people who ask them to prove what they believe and they can’t do it, they often lose their next election. But if they can keep faking things well and people fear confronting them, they will keep in office until they decide to retire.

Source: Rick Badman

Sometimes You Have To Fake It

by Rick Badman

I often tell people half the things I talk about I don't know what I'm talking about. It's just that you don't know which half I don't know.

As a science fiction writer, writing about things that might not come true in my lifetime is normal.

If I'm proven right, maybe my name will be mentioned as being the one who said it would happen. If it doesn't, I won't be around to complain.

Writers are supposed to be storytellers. The most interesting stories are the ones that are read and talked about the most.

Some of the most successful speakers are the ones that can capture audiences' attention and keep their attention for as long as they are talking.

The speakers are confident about what they are talking about. It doesn't matter if they believe what they are saying. They expect the listeners to believe them.

Sometimes they become President of the United States.

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