Gregory McLeod is the author of the inspirational memoir The Apathetical Man
Gregory McLeod is the author of the inspirational memoir The Apathetical Man memoir stories

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“I remember one of the staff members carrying me out one night (we would get passes to go out for the evening) and you would not believe where he took me? To a topless bar! I thought I was in paradise. I never told on him either. I thought it was fine to go to a topless bar. I thought I could battle this bi-polar disease, but thinking that way led back to drugs and alcohol. Somehow after an incident, I was being seen as a patient by a doctor near to me. Things seem to get better. I met this girl and we were married. She is my honey, sweet to my soul. She has stuck with me all those horrible years.”

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Gregory McLeod is the author of the inspirational memoir The Apathetical Man

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Overcoming addiction is never an easy feat. There are many kinds of addiction. Whether it's substance abuse or behavioral addiction, those who suffer from them also suffer depression.

All addictions are destructive. However, alcoholism and drug addiction are two of the most dangerous. They destroy not only the physical body, but they also break down one's soul.

Most of all, they alienate the person from friends, family, and society. Gregory Martin McLeod went through a period of severe addiction.

His journey brought him to various institutions and different stages until he met God and embraced healing and transformation. His book The Apathetical Man chronicles that journey.

Let us get to know more about Gregory McLeod and his extraordinary journey.

Gregory Martin McLeod was born on December 25, 1964.

He was a shy young boy who did not receive good discipline when he was growing up until he was about 10 when he started getting into trouble more often.

Eventually, Gregory became involved with alcohol and drugs early in his teens. Because he was shy with people his age, he often hung out with people older than him.

At age 14, Gregory became a full-blown alcoholic and a drug user.

The people he spent time with are also into these things and may have influenced the young Gregory to experience these liberties at a very young age.

Gregory was later diagnosed with bipolar disease and according to him, was sent to a psychiatric hospital when he was just 16 years old.

Gregory recalls how his life was dominated by sin (sex, drugs, and alcohol),

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