Undisclosure Part 7: Parents' War Part 1/2

Part 7: Parents' War

Part 1/2 power stories

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Many years after the post-environmental apocalypse and the reconstruction of civilization and nature, the world populations united into one nation, " the Federal Republic of New Hope", ruled by one government with the belief in Freedom, Peace, and Justice.

An eighteen-year-old girl named Alexis had been sentenced to enter the rehabitilation program as she'd judged to be involved in H01 case. Those who had the superhuman ability must be cured. This was how her
bright future ended.

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Undisclosure Part 7: Parents' War Part 1/2

At two o’clock, Caleb and Bianna could not sleep properly because their third child had not returned home yet. They kept calling Elodie, but could not reach her too, because of busy lines. The couples started to be nervous and terrified, imagining dangerous things happen to their daughter. Why the line kept busy?

There must be something happened at the Miller’s mansion. He also phoned to the Millers but the line kept busy the same. Caleb thought about driving to Wade’s Mansion by himself too.

“Why don’t you sleep?” Bryce walked out of her bedroom. She was reading surely. Jesse got down from his bedroom too. “What happens?”

“Your sister isn’t home yet,” Bianna told them. “We’re calling the others. The phone lines are busy.” Caleb was searching for the number of Mr. Miller’s cell phone. “I don’t have his number. Maybe, I have to go there. I should’ve reminded her to carry my phone.”

“She may be late,” Bryce suggested. “It’s party. Dad, mom, please go to sleep. You must work tomorrow.” He pointed to the clock. “Two O’clock, impossible. At least, your sister must call us!”

“Yes, if she didn’t drink…too much.” Jesse assumed. “I’ll call Matt. His sister may attend the party like Alex.” However, the phone rang before the boy could do any help. Caleb reached to the telephone in one jump. The caller was Alexis herself. In his relief, Caleb signaled his wife to ease her worry.

“Where’re you? We worry about you. Don’t you know?—what? At the police station? Why?” Alexis sounded hurriedly.

In a second, Bianna was standing next to him. Caleb hung up the phone. His body turned numbed for a while and when the senses returned, he rushed to the stairs. Not fast enough, Bianna grabbed his wrist. “What happens to her? Why’s she there? Don’t walk away like that.”

“Drug test?” Bryce guessed. Alexis went to the party; there was only one possibility would be. Caleb shook his head, “No, the Act 2966. All of them are under arrest.” “What? All of them?” Bryce cried out. “That’s impossible!”

“Well, it is.” Caleb could feel Bianna’s gaze but he was not ready to face her when the hole in the chest was expanding. Those fucking nightmares…

“Someone informed the cops about the Suspect in the party and they came. Alexis just got to the phone. The numbers of telephone booths are not enough for them.” He looked at his son. This was the right time to show his skill though the chance was low. “Jesse, you come with me. Bryce please packed some clothes for your sister. I think she needs it.”

“Why? Alex has to stay there all night?” asked the daughter, terrified. “I thought we can take her out tonight. It must be a joke. How can they arrest all of them? And she had no sign of being the suspect.”

Jesse fanned his head from side to side, “You don’t know how strict this law is. They have to interrogate everyone in the party which means our sister must stay there until the process ends. I think it takes a few days.” “A few days?” Bryce still hardly believed it.

Or more than a few days, Caleb thought but dared not to speak it out. The dream repeatedly replayed the same motion picture like a vicious haunted ghost.

Bianna was still unmoved, thinking the same thing with her husband. She recalled the dream Caleb always told her. Of course, she was, most definitely, frightened. Caleb touched her face. “It must be alright. It must be.”

“Sounds like you remind yourself,” his wife said and slowly lowered her head, trying so hard to have faith in those words. “Dad?” Jesse stared at them with suspicion. “Nothing, Jesse. Are you ready to go?” “Definitely.”

Caleb and Jesse arrived at the police station within the next ten minutes. They met many parents dashing to the station after receiving the call from their children so he had to park the car along the road instead of the parking lot because it was full.

. They saw the police: men and women who had to deal with loads of anger and dirty words that came like the furious ocean wave. Caleb rushed to the information desk inside the lobby before the other parents behind him.

“I am the father of Alexis Davis, ma’am.”

The young policewoman scanned the dirty white computer then pointed to the sofa. “Wait for the call, sir.” Her voice was sharp. Jesse let him sitting on an empty seat while he surveyed around. Some parents remembered him and they smiled at each other without saying anything. The tension diffused around the room. All of them were worried about the young ones.

“Why you catch my daughter? She’s clean. She doesn’t deserve to be here!” This voice echoed through the room before the voice owner appeared.

Everyone stared at this woman whose colorful outfit attracted all the eyes in the lobby. Her loud yelling thundered as she stepped inside. It was like she verbally attacked the officer as soon as her eyes caught any sight of them. (To be continued)

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