Undisclosure Book I Chapter 10 Inner Monster Part 1/3

Book I

Chapter 10 Inner Monster

Part 1/3 writing stories

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Many years after the post-environmental apocalypse and the reconstruction of civilization and nature, the world populations united into one nation, " the Federal Republic of New Hope", ruled by one government with the belief in Freedom, Peace, and Justice.

An eighteen-year-old girl named Alexis had been sentenced to enter the rehabitilation program as she'd judged to be involved in H01 case. Those who had the superhuman ability must be cured. This was how her
bright future ended.

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Undisclosure Book I Chapter 10 Inner Monster Part 1/3

“It’s the vivid light—so vivid. My butt didn’t touch the seat yet and I couldn’t see anything. The light blinded me, no, blinded us. They fought against her. There’s gunshot and Sonya tried to flee. I heard them saying that. Not really sure. I can’t see it. They fought her to stop.”

“What’s her power?” asked Wade. “The light! It’s the light.” Anthony raised his voice volume.

“Light?” “Yeah, the light,” Anthony repeated.

Wade turned to her, doubtful. “I don’t’ understand. How the light can harm people?”

“It’s the same way we can’t look at the sun during the midday.” Alexis guessed. “Am I correct?”

“Yeah-yeah, something like that, or maybe she can control the light. The light burned things. Or it’s about the heat. Whatever, but after she was taken away, I saw all light bulbs burned. Two girls got injured too. Their skin burnt and they are unable to open their eyes. They probably stay at the hospital now.”

Alexis’s group exchanged the news from Anthony’s group, from cell to cell. “I think Sonya was scared. When she saw those chairs, she burst her everything out. It might be an accident.”

“What’s going on with her now?” “I don’t know. I don’t know where they take her.”

Alexis looked at the cell where they put Mrs. Dobies and her sister inside. Now the cell was empty.

“What about the interrogation?” Wade still asked for more information. “It terminates but I’m not sure if it’s temporary or not. Hope they cancel it forever.”

The former soccer captain returned to Oslo and Alexis. “Well, who is Sonya Romuller?” Alexis rolled her eyes.

“A junior student, she’s quiet but really nice,” Oslo answered him. “I thought you know a lot of people?” Wade shook his head, “No not a lot. But you can’t tell me I have to recognize everybody in the school, especially the quiet ones.”

“I saw her at your party regularly.” “No, I usually don’t pay attention to the guests. When I said, ‘hey, come to my party’, people parade into my house from word-to-word. I haven’t known you until we’re here. Alex, do you know this Sonya?”

Alexis nodded. “She sings for the school’s choir.”

“So this one is really the Risk.” Wade turned to Belinda who sat far from them. “Congratulations!” He clapped his hands slowly. “You did help them find the real one!”

“Stop it. Leave her alone,” Oslo cried. “Just leave her alone, okay?” “Okay, Saint Oslo,” Wade muttered with playful eyes.

A couple hours later, the police came and they released the other group. Alexis pressed her face against the metal bars. It was the first time since the interrogation that there was the sign of hope. Miracle, please. I know you’re here.

Her eyes fixed on Anthony’s group. When the police ordered them to get out, they were reluctant to do.

“Don’t you want to go home? You’re free now.” “How about them?” Anthony pointed to Alexis’s cell. “You’ll release them too? You already found the Risk.” Alexis would like to kiss him once.

“They’re convicted as the Suspect. (“Me?” Wade yelled.) If you won’t go, I’ll put you inside. And you, Miller boy, shut your mouth.”

“Why?” Wade asked. “You let them go. Why don’t let us? You already found the Risk. We’re not.” “I already said you’re the Suspect,” Joseph replied and showed the bat. “Need another hit?’

Alexis resumed her place, laughing to mock herself. Oslo who was still leaning on the wall smiled at them scornfully. “You two still hope?” “Yep,” she admitted. “Is it wrong?”

“I didn’t mean to offend you, Alex.” Oslo shook his head. “Well, I don’t know what to do even to hope so I go to sleep. Sweet dream both of you.” The boy with red hair laid his back on the solid floor. They slept like this for three full days now. Certainly, it was not comfortable at all. Alexis got the back pain and she needed a full day in the spa.

“They’re lucky,” she still talked to Wade. “They didn’t receive that treatment and the judgment haven't been made yet. I wish I have that luck.” Wade squeezed her shoulder. “I know. Feel the same thing but can’t do anything.”

They sat quietly for a while. Her eyes fixed on Oslo who slept peacefully. Then Wade said, “It’s funny… I agree with him. The only thing we can do is sleeping.” Alexis sniggered.

Wade lay down. “You can lay your head on my arm? Or here?” The boy hit on his chest, slyly grinning. Alexis kicked one of his legs and laid herself on the floor next to Oslo.

“Where did they take them?” Alexis meant Mrs. Dobies and Ms. Stephen.

“Donno. Hope it’s not another torment.”

There were only four prisoners. The ambiance was deader than the other previous days. She watched the plain ceiling until surrendering to the weight of her eyelids, the girl fell asleep. To be continued.

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