Undisclosure Book I Chapter 2 (1/2) The Davis
Undisclosure Book I 

Chapter 2  (1/2)

The Davis  future stories

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Many years after the post-environmental apocalypse and the reconstruction of civilization and nature, the world populations united into one nation, " the Federal Republic of New Hope", ruled by one government with the belief in Freedom, Peace, and Justice.

An eighteen-year-old girl named Alexis had been sentenced to enter the rehabitilation program as she'd judged to be involved in H01 case. Those who had the superhuman ability must be cured. This was how her
bright future ended.

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Undisclosure Book I Chapter 2 (1/2) The Davis

The Davis owned a small house which situated two blocks away from the city park. The house, painted soft white like an egg shell, was Caleb’s paradise on earth. On the lawn at the front building, the small wood workshop stood timidly, in which Caleb would build small toys and some crafts that helped him earned small money. It was his third child’s idea, Alexis.

She took his crafts, uploaded the photos of his works online, and printed the small brochure to promote his works for sales. She did not do it for money but to make her father be proud of himself. Of course, he was, the deep pleasure anf the over satisfaction of pride towards his own daugther.

He parked the car inside the garage. This old gray mini-van served them for about twelve years. Caleb helped Bianna got down in an act of the true gentleman as he kept doing since their first date.

She had the big dark-brown eyes which were powerful enough to warm his heart. Her dark bronze skin was the same shade color as his but more beautiful owing to the smoother and healthier skin. Bianna was a chubby woman with narrow shoulders; however, she owned the brightest smile that anybody could compare with.

They dated for two years and Caleb asked her to marry him. After the effort to have their own child had failed, they adopted Jesse. Seeing the boy alone made them dissatisfied so they adopted Bryce two years later.

Another three years, Alexis came to their family. They thought it was big family but as their children grew up, the couples were afraid to be left alone so eleven years later, Charlie was their fourth and the last adopted child.

The Davis family was not rich; they belonged to the middle class. The house, in fact, was available for four members to stay comfortably but with six members under the same roof, it was no different to a rabbit hole. Still, they did not get obstructed but unable to be prodigal.

Caleb and Bianna walked into the living room where Charlie was sitting in front of the television watching his favorite cartoon. The boy was only six. When he heard his parents’ arrival, he turned his face to show the cheeks as red as the tomatoes in Bianna’s backyard. He was the only blond in the family and owned the ivory white skin.

Everybody called him “Little Charlie or Monkey (or Tiny Charlie by Jesse when he was moody)”.

They were lucky that Bryce stayed home for a few weeks during the summer vacation so she could take care of her little brother while Caleb and Bianna went to work. Without Bryce, they had to leave Charlie with the old lady who was their long-time neighbor.

Sadly, the boy hated going to her house because she would not allow him to watch his favorite TV show when she was addicted to a melodrama series and could not miss any episode. Without Bryce, Alexis would do the job but she had gone from home this week due to the part-time job as a young amateur model Calebed disapproved of.

“Be a good boy today?” The doctor carried his son just when Charlie bumped his forehead at the father’s legs.

“Yeah, I’m always a good boy.” Caleb laughed and snuggled on him. The boy giggled.

“Have a serious case?” the girl in the oldy orange t-shirt and white track pants asked. Her skin was golden tan but the most eye-catching parts were the straight black-raven hair, high cheekbones, and angular jawlines. Her height was not that high.

Bryce was studying medicine at the University of Delphi where Alexis would continue her study too unless she could win the scholarship.

“Yes,” Caleb told the daughter releasing his son to the floor. Bianna rushed to the kitchen without greeting her daughter. Amused her starving gesture, Caleb laughed through his nose. “I left the chicken stew in the fridge. Did you see it?’

“We already cleaned the pot, dad,” the girl said and laughed with her bell-like voice. Her father was very good at cooking and his stew was the best in the town. Due to the job at the hospital, he rarely performed this marvelous skill.

“Alex is already home. Just so you know.”

Caleb tied his brows. “She came early. I remembered that it took a week.”

“Yep, but the star boy is missing. I can’t remember his name but my friends are talking about his news. Ask her the details, dad. I have to do my assignments now so…gotta go.” Bryce gave a short hug and walked into her room that she shared with her younger sister.

In the third year, the study was tougher than ever. Bryce could not allow herself spending more time for a little chit-chat even in the vacation, that was why Charlie kept himself addicted to the television when his sister would appear during meal times only.

Bryce was close to Alexis but they shared no similar traits. His oldest daughter was not the kind of talkative but strict to her planned schedule so if she meant no time, she really meant it.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, young lady,” he shouted and shook his head when the girl collected her voice to focus on her study desk only.

“Darling, they left your stew for the two of us.” Bianna placed the pot on the table. Both of them smiled at each other, Bryce just told him they cleaned it all but she lied. The kids knew that their parents had no time even to buy the instant meal outside.

The daughter kindly warmed it for them. Caleb and Bianna were the parents that would never leave home if they had no work to do because they preferred the family time more than anything else.

When his parents were messing with the meal, Charlie went back to his seat to continue watching. Caleb sighed, thinking that he should spend more time with his youngest son and wondered why Jesse and Alexis hid upstairs instead of playing with the little boy.

To be continued...

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