I owe him
I owe him yeet stories

jerziiiiiiii ~sold out~ (means im taken geryrjhr)
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Trigger warning

I owe him

he called me beautiful

he gave me kisses...



whispering promising things in my ear

"I'll never leave you"

"I'll never hurt you baby girl"

he would listen to me when I'd vent

he would smile and nod

and agree with me as I go on and on...

he never told me to stop crying

so I guess I owe him now

I never complained about the things he says,

even when they don't sound right...

"i love you babe, but you're a bitch sometimes"

and when he asks if I am uncomfortable, I say no

even if I don't want his hands on my body.

even if I don't want him to pin me down.

because I owe him.

"I will hurt you"

"i hate your guts"

He never got in trouble

because he told everyone, I wanted it,

how would he know?

Hes going to do it again if he finds out I tell anyone

he knows where I live, where I sleep.

he knows my family

and my friends

he knows exactly how to break me.

He will do it if he has to

"what did you expect, that someone would actually love you?"

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