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Without doubt

by jerriberrie


Just because there isn't war doesn't mean that there is peace. Strength invites challenge Challenge invites conflict Conflict invites chaos Chaos never ends with a bang. It starts with one.

Myself(part 2)

If you don't follow boundaries your just like the bad guys But the rules weren't made for the Extraordinary They were made by them to be broken by them and help those become extraordinary

Myself(part 3)

Compromise where you can because if the whole world tells you it's wrong even though it is right. Plant your self and tell them to go around you. A path of least resistance doesn't make it the

Myself(part 4)

Wrong path It means you fight for your freedoms until everyone is equal. Every war that takes a path of destruction will end in a path of peace A mind is like that.

Myself(part 5)

You never know until your in there shoes or they are your own. Just because there isn't war doesn't mean that there is peace


I'm not afaird of story's, monsters or haunted hotels and buildings I'm afaird of what one human being can do to another one In a blink of an eye they can make and end life

Empire(part one)

A empire that falls by the hands of someone else It will rebuild, Regina and become stronger A empire that falls by its own hands

Empire(part two)

It will stay demolished and crippled, hidden under its own rubble Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend Until your friend becomes the enemy

Empire(part three)

Trust and loyalty can not be fixed once it's broken The string can be tied over and over again but once it's cut, it can not become one

Empire(part four)

It can be repaired and fixed but it will never be at full capacity Because you can't sure somethings that doesn't exist But you can heal something that does

Empire(part five)

You grab hold and and not let it fall and stumble under its own Because an empire can fall in one night and saved in a second

Empire(part six)

A friend will take years to love and learn but a single moment and they are gone for good

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