Late Night Study
Late Night Study light horror stories

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Studying late at night by herself in the study hall of the school dormitory. She pinched her cheeks to wake her sleepy self up, then continued writing important notes from her Geography text book.

Late Night Study

It was 2.35am. She looked at the clock above the study hall entrance; promised herself to pack her textbooks and head straight to the room at 3.00am.

Her eyelids felt heavier and she couldn't stop yawning. She thought of the soft pillows and hard mattress on her upper bunk.

She wondered if her three roommates are sleeping or still awake; gossiping about the girls from the opposite room or maybe complaining about their boyfriends while laying comfortably on their bunks

She pinched her cheeks to wake herself up, then continued writing important notes from her Geography textbook.

Her throat felt dry, so she reached for her water bottle, then briskly pulled it off the table and knocked her eraser down to the floor.

She took a few refreshing gulps, and felt a little more alert after that. She tightened the bottle cap and placed it back on the table, then bent down to search for her eraser.

Finally spotted it under the chair, she reached for it, and saw a pair of legs wearing black shoes a couple rows behind her desk.

She slowly got back up, and despite of the unsettling feeling she had, she couldn't fight the urge to turn and look back to see if there was another student studying in the study hall besides her.

To her horror, she immediately regretted it when she saw a headless person reading a book.

She nervously stacked her textbooks, doing her best to calm her trembling hands, carried them in one arm, collected her stationaries, and carried her water bottle.

On her way out of the study hall, she switched off the lights, and walked faster the closer she got to her room.

Not again, she thought.

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