Who am i? What am I?
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Just thought of my life

Who am i? What am I?

by jericabowdry

Born on the 4th day of October, that's where my story started. I was born sleeping curled up in a little ball of new life.

It never concerned me who my real father was until my mother mentioned him 18 years later, the day after my Highschool Graduation

She spoke softly to me, in a soothing motherly but a cautious way. Nothing she was saying made sense. The man who i called daddy was not my father???Finally she turned to me and said...

"Your father is Japanese , he is in prison for murder,he does not no you exist...Just thought you should now this...you look so much like him, same goofy smile but the same intense glare."

All this time , I've had a beautiful father locked away, I think about what life would be like with him. Is he a yakuza, or maybe just a cold hearted killer, or maybe the sweetest father.

I'm 21 now and I still dont know what my father looks like. Mom still swoons when she described him as the most beautiful man she's ever seen in her life.

His hair is the color of the night.(duh) His has dark brown mono-lid shaped eyes 6'2 He wears his hair long and braided into one single braid that reaches his waist. Skin softer than a baby

I dont feel different, I just wish my existence wasn't such a mystery of lies and untold stories. I'm proud to be my fathers daughter even if we don't know each other.

I sit looking in the mirror and smile at the so called twin image of my father heart stopping smile, she claims I have. Or those slanted brown eyed that he gave me. I'm trying to find him in me.

The end

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