These Things I Fear Most
These Things I Fear Most stories

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Just a short little thing about my fears.
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These Things I Fear Most

by Jerica Bowdry


I am most afraid of losing my memory. My mind is already forgetful even at this young age. Its frightening to never be understood ever again. Locked away in your own mind, not knowing what is.

Fear Of Dying

I'm not really timid of the thought of dying, Its just horrifying to think that anything could happen after my heart stops beating. Heaven? Hell? Another life? Or nothing at all...

Spending My Lifetime With A Broken Heart

I've counted a total of five times my heart has been mangled My pain was great, I could feel it deep in my marrow Starved and dazed they left my soul. I fear that agony until my last breath


Burning, aching for oxygen in my lung. Coming to terms that I'm sinking to the bottom. Lungs full of water, heavy and bursting. Seeing my final breath of life leave me rising without me.

Falling To My Death

Can you imagine it, plummeting down toward earth , the air whipping your hair across your face, your screams going unheard ebbing closer THUMP! Gone! Last thing you see are the clouds.


Do i need to say more..


OH God! Theres a car coming! (hides face) Sees parents got company ( lock myself in room) Cute guy smiles (looks away and hides) im too shy, i cant help it.

Be Brave Out There And Safe

Play it safe, wear your fucking seatbelts and watch your drinks. My the world be kind.

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