Love letter to The Farmers son from the Preachers Daughter
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jericabowdryFun, carefree, scatterbrained Hafu
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I love note to my husband, The Farmers Son.
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Love letter to The Farmers son from the Preachers Daughter

by jericabowdry

Every morning i wake up to a face full of minty smelling blond hair. I never bother to open my eyes, i just cuddle his back, pressing my nose into his warm back. My first thought is my David.

His skin is so warm in the morning, i usually caress his cheeks to wake him up. Whispering his name in his ear, waiting for his deep sleepy reply. "Morning babe." My first smile of the day.

Tell me if i'm wrong ,but if a person is in love with someone, they are the most perfect person in the whole world. Not even the sun could outshine their smile. Bells couldn't sound sweeter.

I love his eyes, Green and Blue. Pale and bright, like a cool clear pond They sparkle almost, but reflects light like a mirror. You could say i'm exaggerating , but his lashes look like tiny fans

His lips are pink like my Prada purse, he doesn't think so But they are soft and sweet like honey suckle. His arms are strong, I've never felt safer before. My Knight

This is just a little diary note, about how i feel about the most precious person to me. i hope to be with him for many years and on to the next life where we can start anew. My David. My Love.

The end.

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This is incredibly sweet and tender. The sensitivity is impressive. Great post!!!!!