Last Thoughts before Dreams
Last Thoughts before Dreams stories
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jericabowdryFun, carefree, scatterbrained Hafu
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Just free writing.
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Last Thoughts before Dreams

by jericabowdry

Before bed, I usually make up my bed before laying in it. I now that it seems backward to do so at night I'm just too lazy to do it in the day. a bed with new sheets feels like heaven on my skin.

For comfort, I have a stuffed tiger named Mr. Tigazuki which I lay on my left every night. I'm kinda still scared of the dark so I sleep with an electric blue dolphin, that hums a white noise.

Purely out of habit I always worry that I forgot to do something before leaving work, it's like "Did I take the bread out of the freezer!!?"My poor heart drops for a few seconds everytime.

Dreaming once again of a bright and impossible world reality wouldn't wander far into

Waking to the sound of my alarm which feels way too soon.

The End

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