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Type: Flash Fiction
Description: I have to confess, I invited you here today to tell show you something very important. I want to enamor you same way our parents did. When love was interesting, nothing instant, nights filled with dialogue, and sex wasn’t a monologue. Inspired by "Como Antes"- Llane
Word Count: 185


James opened the door and escorted Alice through the dining room of Amans. He pulled her chair as the live ballad began. The floor filled with patrons closing in their world.

He placed a hand on her shoulder, tuning his senses. He pushed her chair in, leaving a gentle kiss on her cheek as he indulged in her fragrance.

The server took their order and poured the house wine.

"Thank you for taking the time," she said, blushing beyond her red lipstick.

James admired the years of experience marked on her smile.

James admired the years of experience marked on her smile. He reached out for her hand and she followed his lead to the middle of the floor.

"I am falling in love with you all over again. I desire to give life to those feelings and enamor you like the first time."

Their palms clasped, heartbeat synced with the heat of their hips showing her off from side to side.

The lights dimmed and silence filled their surroundings.

Their story lined in their sweat,

their love on their fingertips,

Their story lined in their sweat, melting their spirits into one soul.

Nose to nose,

Nose to nose, a love so interesting...

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