Intentions of A Mad Man
Intentions of A Mad Man london stories

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The origins of a famous madman/murderer.

Intentions of A Mad Man

He sat by the smudged window, looking out at the mist and chemical-ridden rain. The sky was a grey dull, as it was most of the year.

Several wagons carrying chests and trunks passed through the street below. He heard moans above him. The Paxleys were at it again. "These young couples and their incessant love-making.

" He thought. There was a knock at his door, who it was, he could not have guessed. The knocks increased in frequency and volume. He didn't move.

"Package for mister James Cavendish!" A voice on the other side of the door exclaimed.

James stood from his chair quickly and ran to the door, exuberant with joy. He took the door knob in his hand and opened it ever so slightly, to reveal only a small part of the man outside.

The young man passed him a sealed manila envelope and walked away, eyeing James suspiciously in the process. James, unaware of the skeptical looks, ripped open the folder to reveal a book.

'The History of Medicine As We Know It by Allison McAvander'

"Oh! Yes! It has finally arrived! I can't believe it, finally..." James opened the book and began reading it. In a few hours he had read through all of its four-hundred thirty pages.

He grinned and began thinking of possibilities. "Why is there nothing on human experimentation? Vivisection? They won't do it, that's why. They're cowards.

I'm not a coward, I'll do what they didn't dare to. Yes! Yes! Yessss!" He rushed out of his room, with a trench coat on and his gigli saw in hand.

James would never be back to his apartment at 14th Bull Lane, he would become a man on the run, known by another name. Jack. No longer a doctor, or a saver of lives, but a taker. Jack...

the Ripper.

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