Black Gold
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A corporation by the name of PolyCorp has taken over what remains of the United States, scavenging for any possible resources in the irradiated wastelands. A team of four plan to destroy them one pawn at a time.

I was bored so I made this real quick.

Black Gold

They advanced together toward the caravan. Liam and Axel crouched to the left of Peter, and Jack took cover behind a large boulder. For a moment, they observed.

Two guards stood on top of the largest truck, heavily armored and holding assault rifles. A logo saying 'PolyCorp' was emblazoned on the side of the truck.

Three guards and an ornately dressed man were in front of the eighteen-wheeler, bartering with someone dressed rough-hewn furs and skins.

The man dressed in fur gave a large piece of gold to one of the guards. The ornately dressed man passed him a thick suitcase in exchange. He opened the suitcase.

"It's empty." The main said, dropping the suitcase to the ground.

"I know." Responded the man in the intricate uniform. All three guards shot the man in furs, setting his body ablaze with lead.

Liam signaled something to Axel, Jack, and Peter. It was time to attack. Jack opened fire first, taking down one of the guards on the truck.

Liam and Axel followed, creating a diversion as Peter moved closer to the truck.

Two of the three guards on the ground were dead, and their officer was using their bodies as cover while he shot back at Liam, Axel, and Jack. He heard a shout and looked back.

Jack was laying behind a rock, a gaping hole in his right arm.

Peter moved on with the plan, planting a bomb under the truck as the firefight began to slow down.

The officer tried to reach an armored car in front of the truck but was shot in the back three times by Liam. The second guard on top of the truck was shot down, only one hostile remained now.

The last guard crawled inside the truck and tried to drive away, but Peter had already planted the explosive.

He joined Liam, Axel, and Jack behind cover as he took out a detonator from his pocket and typed in a numeric combination.

Together they watched as the truck exploded, sending shrapnel throughout the area. Something black started to rain around the truck. Oil.

"Fuck PolyCorp!" Shouted Jack.

They huddled together, high fived, and simultaneously exclaimed: "Long live the resistance!"

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