Too Many On-Demand Companies
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Too Many On-Demand Companies

On-Demand companies innovate in just one area


Distribution is not new

Delivery systems are not a groundbreaking concept. It's just the infrastructure and costs today make it more possible.

It doesn't seem like there is room for a lot of players

The space is admittedly big. But requires a lot of verticals. You see Uber going into food. And food delivery going into everything delivery

Whoever scales faster becomes the go-to

Seems like if Uber has more drivers and can get around faster, they will be used and nobody else. Similar to how Uber is used way more than Lyft

Most on-demand companies won't be able to scale

And I believe one will rule them all. Current bet? Probably Uber.....

I'm no expert. These are just my observations.

Please argue and let me know your thoughts!

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