Success is an illusion
Success is an illusion stories

jeremiahCommunity member
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Success is an illusion

The people choose who is "successful"

Often times, it is the public that makes somebody rich or successful.

The press heavily influences public perception

Facebook updates, Instagram posts. They all heavily influence what we think of a person. If somebody constantly is in the press, simply because of their network, we think they are successful

That "success" often leads to more opportunities

You want to introduce your successful friends to other successful people. More doors open. It snowballs up from there

You can then write a book or start a company

With all the new found connections and success. It actually rockets you to true success

Obviously there is more to it.....

But the truth is it starts with the mindset

When you do what successful people do

And act and think like you are successful and that you will be successful

Others will help you reach goals and ultimately success

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