Your Words.

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jennywastaken A Sad Poet
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A heartfelt poem I made for one of my close friends.

Your Words.

Your words;

A spell… Neither I nor you can escape.

For when spoken; I fall,

And the world takes shape.

The scars on you will never fade,

From those who left, to those who betrayed.

But know this,

I’ll be the one who stayed.

Words of love, words of hate.

I know these words; warm and sharp.

A spell of pain.

Cast on your heart.

It’s too late.

As the scarlet runs, a cold shiver.

One sound absent, another just a quiver.

Tears fall;

On this bloody winter.

Roses fall,

One girl looking down, unable to stand tall.

Heart broken, unable to breath;

“This must be hell.”

Words of love, words of hate.

She’s just under your spell.

Unable to escape.

Alarm ringing,

Heart screaming.

She lies there on the floor,

To the thought of leaving.

Filled with hate.

she calls her mother

“Mommy I love you,

I’m coming home late.”

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