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Well, you know how they say a father is a daughter's, first love!

that how it was between me and my Dad, he was just like other fathers but to me, he was just a little bit more special in so many ways that I thought nothing can ever separate us,

he was truly my first love.

If I ever needed anything whether it related to school or just social life then I would go to my father because we were just that close,

at this point my relationship with my mother was not that strong.

I thought that's how life is, like a dream, my heart was completely satisfied at that moment and there were no empty spots, there was nothing more I needed to be happy.

I was almost 9 years old when things started taking a different turn for me and my family, it was the beginning of a nightmare for my whole family or me the most.

At that time we were living in a two rooms house, we had a sitting room and a bedroom.

Sometimes the sitting room would turn into a kitchen, dining room and at night a bedroom for me and my young brother.

For some of you, this might be the worst living situation ever but for me, this was everything that I ever dreamed of at that time.

Just like other days, I and Joh (my younger brother) woke up around 0500 am,

it was a normal routine for us since the school that we went to was a government school which was almost 2 km from our place.

the sitting room was very small, so at night whenever we wanted to sleep we would move the furniture and then spread the mattress on the floor,

it was the really fun cause on weekends we would watch TV up to midnight without our parents knowing since we reduced the volume to zero.

as we were dressing up there was a thermos close by, accidentally Joh pushed the thermos which had hot water and it broke.

we were so scared that we decided to just not tell anyone what we did and used the same water in the broken thermos to make tea and drank it.

As we were about to leave dad woke up and tried to make tea and found out that the thermos was broke and we had to tell him that we used the water to make tea.

He was so scared that something was going to happen to me and Joh. On the same day, he and mom had an appointment with a doctor because mom was not feeling well lately.

He told mom that she had to wait so that he could take me and Joh to the hospital first besides mom was not feeling that bad.

We went to the hospital and the doctor told dad that we were fine, we just had to take milk. we did not go to the school that day and stayed at home.

Mom and dad went to the hospital and after the check-up, mom was found with a tumor in her stomach.

It was awful, we had no savings and mom needed surgery as soon as possible or else we would lose her. From that day the symptoms became worse.

One evening when my aunt was around helping us with our homework mom fainted and lost consciousness for one hour, and we just cried till she woke up.

When it became worse she had to go to the hospital and that's when the surgery took place, well we don't know how we afforded the hospital bills but we did.

and mom came back home and she had to take a three months leave from work.

since she needed to rest we had to go to the village where my grandparents lived since it was a very peaceful place and mom would heal fast there since there is no chaos.

Father remained in the city to take care of his businesses. I and Joh shifted temporarily to the primary school in my mom's village. they were the most amazing three months of my life.

The fact that we got to experience all the elements of earth and nature was just magical. After the holidays' mom was ready to go back to the city and move on, she was feeling much better.

We traveled for three days and when we got home dad was not around.

There was a secret place where my parents used to store some savings but when mom checked there was nothing when we called him he told us he had to go to his home town and after a week he

will be back and everything will be fine. Well, we believed him and waited.

at that time, the landlord demanded the rent and mom had no work, her boss found another cleaning lady after her surgery.

mom would walk for hours to find work but at the end of the day, she would come back home with nothing.

It took my mother five months to get to her feet and on these months dad was still nowhere to be seen.

He no longer picked up our calls and after some time he changed his number, we could not find him anymore.

From this point, I started distancing myself from the world, and it was just me, myself and I. I count this as my first Heart break from my first man.

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