What I Am Afraid Of
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Ten things that I am afraid of

What I Am Afraid Of

Bees, wasps, and hornets

Even just looking at pictures of these things freaks me out. I scream and run when they come near me. I don't know why they scare me so much.


It's not the heights that scare me, it's the fact that I could fall from that height that scares me. I've always had this, but it got worse after I landed badly jumping off a high board at school

Death of loved ones

I don't know exactly where this stems from, since I was fine with death as a child. I guess now that I'm older I just don't want to lose anyone ^.^

My past

To a certain extent I am afraid of falling back into my old habits, I don't want to feel so worthless again, and it scares me that I was like that in the first place

Being alone

The thought of ending up alone scares me a little, I want all my dreams to come true and since that includes marriage ending up alone definantly scares me a little

Infertility and children

I've always wanted kids, so the thought of being unable to have them scares me a little, but also having kids scares me, since I don't know how to breastfeed or change diapers or anything

Standing up for myself

As much as I preach online and to others about standing up for themselves and others, in practice it still scares me, like I'll do it anyways but you can bet I am still scared on the inside

Public speaking

Every time I speak in class it feels like my heart is going a hundred miles a minute and my hands start to shake, I hate it


I am terrified to fail, like I almost missed an exam last year and had a full blown panic attack, it was awful, I was crying, no one was happy

Being discovered

I'm always scared that my secrets will be told to everyone, like everyone has something they don't want anyone to know and it scares me that people could find out mine

I guess that's it

I had to think hard to come up with ten, what are the things you're most afraid of?

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