The Struggles of Having Almost No Sense of Smell

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A joking account of my experiences of not smelling things.

The Struggles of Having Almost No Sense of Smell


Do flowers even have a smell? I can't tell half the time.


Last summer at work we had watermelon and people said that it smelt fresh and my mind was blown because I could smell exactly nothing.


Trees smell? I never noticed. No seriously I never noticed. What do you mean they smell?


No mom, I can't smell the perfume I have on. Once I spray it it simply disappears. What do you mean the smell lingers?

Salty foods

To all my roommates I am sorry you have to suffer through the stench of my no name instant beef ramen. But I still cannot smell a thing.

Not smelling things has it's advantages

Like when there's a gross smell and I'm the only one who can't smell it. That rules.

But that's not to say I can't smell anything

There are a few scents that stick out that I can actually smell!

I can smell chocolate




The ocean

Not smelling things sucks sometimes.

But it's not the worst thing in the world!

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sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
i have really terrible allergies (sneezing, stuffy nose, etc.), so I have definitely weakened sense of smell. definitely a very interesting thing....

chromiumSilver CommaI like to think I'm amazing
a year agoReply
wow can you actually not smell? that's really interesting and cool!