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jennyhayniac 'LD' musiclover
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This is all I wanted to say, I've been keeping this feeling for a long time. Now this is my way of saying it.

Talk to me

by jenny

Talk to me,

that's what my heart saying quietly

Can you hear it?

Maybe you can't, because I can't say it easily

Please come, come close to me,

I'm afraid, afraid not to let you see

See what's inside for you to understand,

The things that I can only show once

Talk to me,

Does you ever listen to what I don't speak?

Have you ever heard

The noise that makes my heartbeat skips?

Have you ever understood

The sounds that I let you listened to?

When? When willl this end,

When will you take me away and save my heart?

Talk to me,

Maybe it's all I need, It is all I need

Let your heart feel the rhythm of mine

So it won't bleed

Please, can you hear me?

Can you please listen to me

Before it's too late,

Only half of this is cold

Please help so that its blueness will fade

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