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jennyhayniac 'LD' musiclover
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by jenny

There's so much things that we try to embrace,

to hold the smiles in our face, to keep us apart from our fears and to settle our happiness once for real

try, try so hard and lets make believe. Try to imagine,

again let's make it real, let's make it happen and don't let it fade

let us remember and never forget that those are the moments

that once became we needed to take all the pain and the sorrows away

so let us remember all of those moments that makes us

close together and made us who we are today

there's so much in things in life

so there's so much to believe in

ones who stay, the other went slipped away

keep on holding though it's never that easy

it's the only way around that will take us

to where we want to be

"there's always a part in your past that you should carry

throughout your life" that's what I call moments

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