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jennyhayniac 'LD' musiclover
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Deep underneath

by jenny

I try to listen in things that I can't hear

I try to find the words that I wasn't meant to see

I'll always seek for the things that hurts me

It's not what I wanted, It's not what I needed

But sometimes it is necessary

Provides care and comfort to people that can't see me

Share moments that turns into memories to someone that pushes me

We can say all things are not in place

But if this is the reason that keeps us going

We should keep it so that it stays

On the otherside we'll find our thoughts

Looking for that different kind of feeling

We ignore things to keep those

Unpermanent things we're seeing

Chances are the one we regrets

Doubting to change

Accepting ourselves

Eventhough we're not at our best

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