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jennyhayniac 'LD' musiclover
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all the things that we wanted to say are kept in our mind, in ourselves, that's the reason why there's something in between you and me

Between you and me

by jenny

I see something, maybe its something that everybody

has saw before

comes from a place with a very dark surroundings

which tears me apart a little and broke me a bit more

haven't you been there before?

its where you cry your aches out loud

but keep yourself as good as it looks as always

it's where all we hide our fears and screams like

it was only you and yourself

maybe somehow somewhere

we met in this place we call hide away

we both do it, thinking things about what we imagine

but we do it on a different way

maybe that's why we never met because we never said what we


keeping it as a reason to be a thing between you and me

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