Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude pt 5
Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude pt 5 blood elf stories

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The great elven city of Silvermoon, has fallen. In the midst of the chaos, destiny begins to weave its thread through the souls of two characters on opposite sides. Their meeting is not a happy one, but they will need each other to survive. The threads of fate and time have been woven. Their choices could spell the end of Azeroth, or its hope.

This is part of the "Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude" to my World of Warcraft fan fiction. I do not own the World of Warcraft. These are original characters in the game world, and credit for all mentions of World of Warcraft and its products and characters goes to Blizzard.

Hope you enjoy.

Of Orcs and Elves: Prelude pt 5

Ky'lana scrambled behind the children, pushing them towards the northern gate across the rooftops. Her heart pounding in her chest, and adrenaline singing through her blood.

Something urged her to keep going and not look back. Something primal in the back of her brain told her to move faster, run away there was danger behind her.

"Run children, we're almost there. We can do it" she panted as then scampered along the tiled line of rooftops.

They reached the end of the roof and there was the gate in sight. Reaching into her belt pouch, she pulled out a feather. Just one. She winced.

Picking up the smallest, she handed her off to the oldest. "Hold onto my cloak, everyone." she said as she wrapped the large cloth around them. And whispered the words of the levitation.

Then gently pushed the group off the roof. The feather burning up in a puff of smoke. Then she heard it. The rhythmic crunching behind her.

The children floated down upon a small white cloud and she watched as they ran toward the gate.

She prayed to the Light they would be safe as she slowly turned her head to look over her shoulder and met her own fate.

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