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jenniferhernandI have no idea what I'm doing.
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Addicting game! 😧

Pokémon go

The struggle when you're out of Poké balls and cool Pokémon keep popping up.

Inspiration to go outside

yesterday I bumped into someone who I know, they said, "there's a bulbasoar around here, I stopped in the middle of a black ops match to come get it."

Inspired to communicate

I also bumped into someone today, a complete Stanger. Yet I was aware that he was also playing. We had a small conversation about our levels and our Pokémon.

Cons: Addiction

My mom was like "someone's ganna call the cops on you" I said, "I don't care! I need more Pokémon!!!!" Then I walked away laughing like a crazy person, now my head hurts.

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