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jennifergrace20 21 y/o art student and poet ✨
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Romeo and Juliet balcony scene ❤️


The girl whispered from her ivy-twined balcony, Her hair floating softly in the wind. “I am here, my love!”

The boy leapt up the wall, hands grasping the ivy as tightly as he could, knuckles scraping raw against the cool stone. Scrambling to the top, his face suddenly peered over onto the balcony. He grinned.

The girl leapt back in fright. “You scared me!” She whispered sternly, before the tug of a smile Began to pull on the corners of her lips.

Romeo leant forward, The lazy grin widening as he took in the sight of his beloved. Taking her hand in his own, He rested his forehead against hers.

“My dearest love..” Honeyed whispers passed between them, two pairs of eyes evenly matched, As they gazed softly on one another.

Juliet raised her hand. Caressing his cheek, she leaned forward and kissed him gently. Warm lips, shared innocent love’s first kiss. “Did my heart love till now..?”

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